Friday, September 4, 2015

What happened!?!? Where are all the 101 BASIC computer games?!? Well, I know this is taking the world by storm and the lack of posts here over the last few months has been a source of mystery across the world :). Have I given up the effort? Nah. Back in July of this year, I took a vacation trip with my family, and while attending a baseball game in Arlington, Texas, I fell backwards down three rows of metal chairback seats. While I was thankful to God I had no broken bones, the fall wrenched up some serious muscle tissue in my back, forcing the staff with the Texas Rangers to give me a much-needed cart ride from my third-tier seats down to their medical room. For the next several weeks, my primary job went from computing to getting healed. I was hobbling around my house on a cane for a time. I have a new appreciation for folks who have chronic back pain - it's some of the most intense pain I've ever endured. Now, I'm very much back to normal, and am very much intending to get back on the "101 BASIC COMPUTER GAMES" conversion project. No, it isn't going to make me rich or world famous, but it's a fun project, and sometimes these days, the fun side of computing is getting harder to find. I may post a blog or two here about my adventures upgrading SAMBA before we dive back into Javascript, but we'll get there.